The six main functions of the Usb disk Describes

Describes the six main functions of the U disk:
At present, the main function of U disk is to use as storage data space to store various files. As an encrypted Usb disk, advertising flash disk, anti-virus memory disk, system pen drive, wireless WiFi Usb sticks, gift Usb flash drives.
1. Encryption Usb disk: Encryption Usb disk is divided into three types, the first is to encrypt the U disk file, the second is to encrypt the U disk chip master control to increase the Usb disk security factor, the third is hardware encryption Such as fingerprint encryption U disk, you can use fingerprint to identify the need to unlock through fingerprints This U disk safety factor is relatively high.
2. Advertising flash disk: Advertising U disk is mainly used for advertising commercial purposes, divided into two ways: one is to advertise above the hardware, you can mark the U flash disk or advertise slogan, the second is Can not delete "files" through software increase. For example, the company's promotional videos can not be deleted, the files can not be deleted arbitrarily, and can also be made into auto-playing files. When U-disk is inserted into computer USB, pre-made promotional video will automatically pop up. Play, auto play files may be blocked by computer antivirus software.
3. Anti-virus U pen drive: Antivirus memory disk is mainly used as anti-virus software is not the top of the pen drive itself antivirus, that is to say pre-installed anti-virus software in the U memory disk, when used directly into the computer USB link can be used does not need Download to the computer installation can be used for virus scanning.
4. System U disk: The function of the system U disk is the same as its name. It is mainly used to start the system or the installation system.
5. Wireless WiFi Usb sticks: Wireless WiFi has three main functions, one is used as a mobile power, one is through the mobile phone WiFi function to connect the Usb sticks "LAN" operation, you can simultaneously multiple cell phone connection, for example, can look good Video files exist in the Usb sticks to share or meet when the meeting needs to use the information exists Usb sticks meeting personnel can directly get the meeting content in the Usb sticks, the third function is a WiFi function is like a router.
6. Usb flash drives gift: gift Usb flash drives is also the name suggests, the Usb flash drives as a gift, can be used as a promotional gift to give gifts to buy Usb flash drives, conference gifts, birthday gifts, advertising gifts and so on.

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