Story about CaraUSB’s new Logo

The birth of the new logo of CaraUSB
Since the birth of the website CARAUSB, this is our third logo. Previous two old logos were made by the design company. After using them for a while, I didn't feel very satisfied, so I thought of DIY.
Inspired by last night, I designed a brand new logo by myself. I hope that the new logo can be used for a long time and will not be replaced.
First of all, I personally like sky blue and light blue. After comparison, Finally selected Pantone 279C as the main background color of the logo. Then use the sunrise on the horizon, a shining sun as the main image, because I like the sunny days, circular pattern and big sun. We know sunshine represent the new things, the vitality and vitality, the infinite hope and lives.
CARAUSB is the domain name of the website and our brand name. I hope it is the cornerstone of the company, and base of the customer's psychological trust.
As long as you choose CARAUSB, you can rest assured that there is no worries, because we are the sun and trust, bringing you high-quality Usb flash memory products and custom promotional gifts.
I hope you like our new logo; In 2019, let's work together to face the fierce competition in the business field.
May Yuan

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