UDP - USB Disk in Package Technical brief

UDP (USB Disk in Package) uses a new processing technology called PIP package. PIP is an abbreviation of English Product In Package.
Technology integrates PCB substrate assembly and semiconductor packaging processes, and uses the controller flash IC substrate passive components needed for the small memory card.
Direct packaging completes the finished flash memory card product. For consumers, the direct consequences of PIP's technological advantages are obvious: high read/write speed, robustness and durability
(Anti-heavy pressure up to 50 Newton), strong waterproof, anti-static, high temperature and many other advantages in one, is definitely the best choice for digital family storage. Industry analysis,
The emergence of integrated packaging technology has made the digital storage product packaging technology a breakthrough, and it will probably become the mainstream packaging technology for small memory cards.
The USB flash drive uses the USB 2.0 specification, backward compatible with 1.1, internally uses an A+ class FLASH memory chip, and the storage medium is a NAND Flash, which can be erased more than 100,000 times.
Data retention period of up to 10 years. This product uses the USB interface to take power, no external power supply, hot swappable.
In order to verify the superior waterproof performance of U disk with UDP module, throw it into water and soak it for 48 hours. After taking out and drying it, it can still be used normally.
It can be seen that because of the seamless encapsulation of its circuit part, it is really capable of achieving strong waterproof performance from the inside, and at the same time, it allows counterfeiters to imitate. The shockproof performance will not be like the traditional U disk after several beats.
Detachment of the component occurs, resulting in damage to the U disk.

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