Customized usb flash disk Logo trademarks printing options

Customized usb flash disk LOGO trademark printing options:
1. Monochrome or multicolor silk screen printing:
Suitable for usb drives surface materials: ABS plastic, metal, PVC silicone, leather, wood, crystal, paper etc.
Advantages: Solid color printing, silk screen coating thicker, giving a sense of heavy color. Match Pantone PMS.
Lackness: 1. No printing gradient effect; 2. Need to do screen printing template before screen printing, more time-consuming.

2. Full Color digital printing:
It is mainly suitable for customized ceramic USB flash disk and cards U disk as well as U disk key style and white plastic thumb drive, rectangle silver metal usb pen drives and 2D flat pvc usb sticks,with relatively large shell area.
Features: Color gradients can be achieved and even photo effects can be printed.

3. Laser engraving Logo:
Suitable for metal outer housings and wooden housings.
Advantages: no need for printing templates, fast and efficient, and wear-resistant.
Disadvantages: 1. The logo color can only be the same as the actual color of the shell material and cannot realize multiple colors; 2. The traces of laser lighter.

4. Hot embossing: Press LOGO deep in leather:
Applicable transparent card USB flash drive and leather U disk enclosure.
Advantages: deeper traces, obvious LOGO.
Disadvantages: need to do stamping steel mold before stamping, more time-consuming.

5. Pad Print Logo:
Suitable for enclosures with curved surfaces.
Advantages: LOGO printing on the arc surface.
Disadvantages: The printable arc cannot be too large. It is necessary to do a pad printing template before printing. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The cost is high.

6.Hot roll print logo:
Suitable for big arc shells with large arc spans;
Advantages: LOGO printing can be achieved on a curved surface;
Disadvantages: The need to do rotating gears and roll templates before hot roll, higher cost.

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