The new push-pull USB flash drive oxidized epoxy arched crystal logo

The new push-pull USB flash drive oxidized epoxy arched crystal logo
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Elliptical push-pull USB flash drive placed Epoxy epoxy embossed crystal logo
Plastic aluminum foil push-pull ultra-thin USB flash drive New product can be customized epoxy arched crystal logo, this is a new product, ultra-thin shell, with push-pull button, can control flash USB, UDP imported chip with high-speed read and write and stable storage performance. Customize all kinds of epoxy embossed crystal logos and put them into the grooves to make U disk become your digital marketing tool. This is the best free gift for car promotion.
Novel semi-circular push-pull U-disk epoxy arched crystal logo glue
Semi-circular plastic aluminum foil shell, silver plating effect is particularly advanced and luxurious, can be given to the car buyers mini push-pull USB flash drive, custom logo logo, crystal embossed epoxy logo is particularly dazzling, will become the best marketing for auto show and new car sales Gadgets. The design of the Usb drive is an elliptical appearance, but a small hole is specially reserved. There is a key hole at the end of the USB flash memory, which can conveniently hang the key chain, portable car logo gifts, or digital decorations, and can also be used as data storage devices. In any case, the epoxy bump sign and the push-pull switch are the two main selling points of this Usb flash disc.
Plastic aluminum foil push-pull ultra-thin USB flash drive new products can be customized epoxy arched crystal logo
Push-pull button on the back of the Usb flash disk, the surface of the crystal epoxy embossed logo is particularly good-looking, very stylish ultra-thin mini digital storage gadgets, portable digital marketing carrier, advertising will be fully demonstrated, the new ultra-thin push-pull USB flash drive is particularly affected by the car The manufacturer's favor, the order quantity is 100, CaraUSB favorite for the car logo custom gift USB flash drives program, bring more display space for the car brand, car consumers will also like the free car standard U-disk gift. The optional chip storage capacity is 1GB to 128GB, and the chip capacity is selected according to the budget. The color of the shell can also be customized to other colors. If you like to print the logo, we can also print. There are also personalized packaging gift boxes available, all in full compliance with your customized solution.

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