Fashion crystal hourglass U-disk creative retro timer advertising personalized flash drives

Fashion crystal hourglass U-disk creative retro timer advertising personalized flash drives
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Crystal hourglass USB flash drives transparent acrylic u-disk
Product name is three minutes Timer hourglass U-disk, its Material is crystal and metal. Net Weight is 51 grams, available flash memory chip storage Capacity 512MB、1GB、2GB、 4GB、 8GB、16GB、32GB、64GB, 128GB. LOGO Can be customized: laser engrave or silk screen print. Custom logo technology: laser engraving / laser logo, color printing, monochrome silk screen, or multi-color silk screen logo. Copy the file, make the function disk can not be deleted and can not be copied; file video copy to U disk, can not be copied, anti-copy, anti-delete. EXE type files such as learning software can only run and cannot be copied. Create a password USB flash drive: Enter the USB flash drive password before logging in to the USB flash drive. The webpage automatically pops up the window, the video is automatically played, WEBKEY.
Metal hourglass U-disk creative strange gift crystal transparent flash disk three minute timer pen drives
The novel 16GB U-disk transparent crystal hourglass, it is another choice for high-end gifts. Its appearance has broken the market of traditional USB disk and attracted the attention of many consumers. This is the hourglass timer and the USB flash drive, which can be used as a home accessory. It can also become the new favorite of office supplies. The crystal gift trend has always represented luxury. The elegant three-minute timer combines crystal metal material with huge flash storage capacity. The combination of high-tech products and crystal works is very grand and suitable for business. Gift. Let the transparent crystal USB flash memory be equipped with the hourglass countdown function to become the most beautiful scenery on the table.
Transparent timer crystal hourglass flash memory business conference advertising promotion custom gift
The clear crystal quicksand timer USB flash disk has the function of three minutes timing. When you reverse it, the time funnel USB flash drive, you can see the sand flowing down slowly and just three minutes. The hourglass flash drive counted by this transparent crystal USB disk will leave customers with unforgettable memories. Bespoke USB Flash Memory Disk Functions:
Auto play or Auto-run;
Read only or Read-only;
Encrypted disk;
Cannot be deleted or Undeletable.
Time hourglass U-disk 3 minutes timer metal creative transparent luminous crystal USB flash drives factory
The transparent crystal quicksand U-disk time timer is used for three minutes in the form of quicksand, which can help customers relax, and can also be used as a small timer for competitions and sleep aids. Very interesting time management gadgets, portable digital portable Storage gadgets, the metal shell of the sand leakage USB flash memory is silver and gold, and the color of the quicksand is white, blue, red and so on. Transparent Crystal The hourglass countdown timer USB flash drives will carry advertising words for international exhibitions and event marketing, promotional summer drinks...
Wholesale personality fashion exquisite crystal transparent hourglass flash disk 32GB timer funnel USB memory
1: The USB2.0 interface, support hot-swappable, plug and play;
2: No external power supply.
3: Can be customized according to needs of different capacity: 1MB 2MB 4MB 8MB 16MB 32MB 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB;
4: Electronic storage media. 
5: Support software encryption, double start.
6: Save data security, long-term (10 years) one year warranty, lifetime warranty;
7: Portable. Performance, fine appearance, highlight distinguished. Small, lightweight, suitable for storage exchange;
8: Packing: gift boxes and packaging, to give friends and loved ones the best choice (OEM orders according to customers request).
9: Guests can request a variety of different custom features U-disk, as a gift.
10: Guests can add value to the requirements of development, such as fingerprint identification, partition encryption, waterproof etc.
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