Crystal Usb flash disk comes with a rotating metal clip

Crystal Usb flash disk comes with a rotating metal clip
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Rotating crystal Usb disk LED lights luminous advertising lettering gift
Metal rotating crystal usb flash disk is a high-end gift gifts, is very suitable for company bidding, small-capacity transparent USB flash drive according to the customer's customization requirements, transparent crystal rotating U-disk, the end customer's most ideal custom promo gifts, this U memory disk has the characteristics of: popular The rotating design, flash disk outer shell material is composed of a metal aluminum clip and resin transparent crystal. The price is not expensive, and it is convenient to print your own logo. Crystal Usb flash memory disk has many different shapes, both transparent crystal, there are strong metal rotating clips, good-looking shell and also easy to carry rotating clips, and the top there is a small key hole, allowing users to hang the key ring or lanyard.
Crystal metal rotary USB flash drives can be carved 3D logo hign-end giveaways
The reason for the crystal light-emitting Usb disk is that the LED light shines inside the crystal because we have soldered the LED light on top of the flash chip circuit board, laser-engraving the pattern, text, logo into the crystal body, rotating the transparent crystal light-emitting Usb flash disk outer case using metal rotating clips and transparent glass, crystal clear glass built-in LED light source, Usb memory disk connected to the computer, can display a variety of colors light, LED light color has blue, red, green, orange, white, for your choice.
Color LED illuminated crystal rotating metal USB flash disk engraving logo or screen printing ads text
Metal Rotary Crystal Usb flash disk is durable, metal and crystal shell design, taking into account the characteristics of beauty and long life, luminous 3D logo logo makes the entire product very unique, stylish appearance can show the perfect custom details, logo engraving process Personality is dazzling, smooth crystal surface can also silk screen logo. The combination of stainless steel and crystal material makes the transparent U disk gift super attractive and durable, suitable for private customization or corporate promotion. Want to have a personalized creative custom crystal luxury gift USB drive? Want to choose affordable gifts for business promotion? Contact us right now: Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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