Ultra-thin 3 mm plug-in streamlined metal mini usb sticks integrated mechanism without cap

Ultra-thin 3 mm plug-in streamlined metal mini usb sticks integrated mechanism without cap
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  • Dimensions:46x12x3mm
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Ultra-thin metal zinc alloy wavy bent USB flash drives plug-in without cap design
This is a thin 3mm metal mini USB flash drive, wavy line bending design, streamlined arc to make feel better, easy to pinch and use, this is an integrated pure metal shell, especially unti-pressure, original UDP flash chip is more waterproof, In short, it is an ultra-thin plug-in USB flash memory that is easy to carry and occupies only 6.5 grams.
Metal mini slim wavy USB flash memory can be customized corporate logo
It is 1 mm thinner than other U-discs. Its thickness is similar to the thickness of a coin. The pursuit of slimmer and ultra-thin is in line with modern aesthetics of simple craftsmanship. It can be easily put into a pocket or purse without losing it. Because there is a key hole at the top of the U-disk, you can hang the key chain or lanyard, very humane and meticulos, non-hat design, very simple portable digital storage gadgets.
Silver Stainless Steel Metal Mini Slim 3mm USB Flash Disc with Keyhole
The outer shell of ultra-thin wavy plug-in USB flash disk is made of zinc alloy. The surface of the shell is chrome-plated. The material is very hard and durable. It ensures the security of data and chips. It looks so small, but it can accommodate large-capacity digital info, data files, videos; Optional storage capacity range 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB. Meet your business office and share daily storage needs.
Branded 3mm ultra-thin metal mini USB disk curved wavy appearance
Product Description: All use A-class chips, free one-year warranty, refused upgrade chip. U disk additional features: support optional automatic playback data encryption management, using unique ultra-stable technology, data storage more secure. Flash disk shell surface can be According to customer requirements printed corporate LOGO. Quote for the chip USB2.0 interface, can be customized according to the requirements of USB3.0 chip interface. Colors: silver, gold and black. Zinc alloy material, personalized design, small size and easy to carry; use of mini waterproof and shockproof black colloidal chip, chip safety and long life; double-sided blank position Customize your exclusive logo, no limit order quantity, fast shipping. www.carausb.com Whatsapp: +8615014148476 carausb@qq.com may.yuan@carausb.com may.yuan.china@gmail.com Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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