Rotary knife type USB flash drive 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB

Rotary knife type USB flash drive 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
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  • Dimensions:47x20x9mm
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Rotary knife Usb flash disk, which is a combination of plastic and aluminum shell, metal shell wrapped with plastic parts, 90 degrees of free rotation, can protect the chip, plastic parts can customize any color, select 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB chip capacity, silver aluminum surface can be printed corporate logo or laser engraving brand name website phone number and other advertising information, the best promotional gifts,net weight is 11 grams.size is 47x20x9mm. now contact carausb sales staffs:
Rotary Knife Shape Metal USB Flash Drives 1GB 2GB 4GB
Knife shape rotating metal flash drive, no cap design, integrated automatic rotation, hat is metal hardware, bright surface, can laser logo, or print logo, the color of plastic keys can be arbitrarily selected, the metal part comes with a small key Holes, such as key chains and lanyards, can be easily carried. This is CaraUSB's key recommendation product: Mini-knife rotary U disk, personalized knife flexible rotation 90 °, plastic knife Usb flash disk hidden in the metal cap inside, the most popular metal shell knife type rotary Usb memory disk, plastic knife in addition to orange What other colors are there? Red, black, blue, white and yellow, green, etc. Rotary knife type U disk is the most novel style in the rotation series. It is more compact and more personalized in appearance design. It adopts the most common knife type structure, rotary switch, and the shell material is made of ABS plastic, which is very strong and wearable.
Knife Shape Rotating Metal Mini USB Flash Disk 64GB 128GB
Manufacturers custom rotary knife Usb disk mini metal folding knife gifts, color plastic knife rotating flash disk, knife-shaped rotating Usb drives is mainly made of lightweight but brightly colored plastic materials. The designer incorporates the side switch design of the saber to unscrew the Usb sticks metal knife 90° from the side. The bold, uncapped design breaks through the conventional, brightly-coloured overall, with silver-white metal caps on the surface, and a 90° rotation interface. Ingenuity. Fully personalized Usb thumb drive rotary knife products, is definitely a good gift choice, plastic parts in addition to orange, red, green, yellow, etc., can be customized according to the customer's choice of colors. Reminder: Because usb flash memory chips are not the same price every day, so Usb disc is not a fixed price, if you have needs, please consult our online customer service, timely for your account the same day prices, quote advice contact: Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351
Metal Rotary Knife USB Flash memory disk 8GB 16GB 32GB

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