Milk drinks company custom round soft rubber USB flash drive PVC white logo promotional gifts

Milk drinks company custom round soft rubber USB flash drive PVC white logo promotional gifts
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Good cow, good milk, good protein, in order to attract the attention of milk customers, The a2 Milk company has launched a box of milk to send purple round soft plastic u disk gifts, promotions are listed in the summer, milk drinks are especially suitable for summer, So custom gift USB flash drive comes to CaraUSB, let us help you complete an incredible promotion.
Milk company logo custom round purple USB flash drive promotional gifts
The round object is very cute, because there is no edge, it will not sharply highlight the stab wound. The shell shape of the soft plastic USB flash drive is a round, very fashionable PVC custom gift. The circular engraving logo gift USB flash drive can help the enterprise highlight the advertising words. The difference in color to enhance the logo display effect. The logos are all coming out along with the PVC molds. Of course, you can also print links such as logo slogans.
Round logo custom soft rubber PVC USB flash drive personalized gifts cheap promo items
The round u-disk is like a round cake. When you look at it, you want to take a bite. The simple appearance provides a large area of publicity. The round volume is the most cost-effective advertising carrier, because it can carry a lot of advertising information, PVC. Soft gel feels good, does not irritate the skin, and has a wide range of colors, which can help companies save on advertising costs. A circular USB flash drive can pre-store product catalogs, new product promotion materials and video images. Consolidated Consultants Group also customizes the gift USB flash drive for gifts. This is a very creative behavior. If your logo also wants to emboss on the surface of a round USB flash drive, please contact May Yuan. We will help you design beautiful renderings for reference and customization. The exclusive style of the circular logo USB flash drive will be a very easy task, and everything will be handed over to CaraUSB.
Blue and white round engraving logo USB flash drive with key chain
The logo of the pvc round u disk is epoxy, not printing, so the logo and the outer casing are integrated, can not be separated, and the long-term advertising display effect provides a unique choice for corporate gifts. The price of the USB flash drive is low, but it also has digital storage capacity. Therefore, many consumers will cherish the USB flash drive and will not discard it. The soft round PVC custom USB flash drive is compact and easy to carry. It is the best advertising tool and high-tech digital storage gadget.

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