Restaurant custom wooden cutlery fork shape USB flash disk promotional food supplies gifts

Restaurant custom wooden cutlery fork shape USB flash disk promotional food supplies gifts
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Environmental protection is actually adding joy to life. The wooden fork USB flash drive is both a fork and an USB flash drive. The forks are interlaced and the food can be forked. The flash memory chip is hidden inside the handle of the wood. Gently pry open, see the USB head, you can use it with a computer. Lightweight detachable design, incorporating the chip in a wooden case, is a convenient portable multi-function portable storage gadget. CaraUSB uses recyclable wood, which can be selected at any time. Customers can print their own ad words.
Wooden fork shape USB flash disk catering supplies
Wooden fork Usb flash drives on a white wooden table, it will be a very beautiful picture, a clean view, with elegant tablecloths, as if you can eat a delicious meal, environmental protection wooden kitchenware fork is a green gift customization In the best-selling products, cutlery, kitchen utensils, wooden utensils, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, environmentally friendly portable tableware is more and more widely used. There are green forks, green knives, and environmental spoons that can be selected in the market. Degradable environmental protection portable tableware fork Usb flash disk is a fashion product.
Mini eco wooden tree fork Usb disk wood creative tableware manufacturers promotional gifts
As more and more people begin to use environmentally-friendly products, environmentally friendly portable tableware has gradually become the new darling. Wooden forks can be used for picnics, offices, banquets, restaurants and special promotions. Relative to plastic Usb disk, wooden utensils fork USB flash drive is more originality. Wooden dishware USB Memory fork is exquisite and practical, environmental protection effect is durable and practical. Environmental wood flash disk fork gifts help reduce the pressure of garbage collection. Wood fork environmental protection U disk is a Usb disc with wood as the shell, completely usb thumb drives with the original ecological material as the shell can be naturally degraded, active rot, will not pollute the environment like plastic, thus winning the favor of many environmentally conscious customers. Cutlery wood fork flash disk, using a fork to reduce the proportion of the real simulation structure, so that Usb sticsk and wood fork perfect combination. The surface of the wood fork can also print the customer Logo. Tableware industry's best business gifts.
Realistic fork USB Memory for wooden cutlery Customize environmental gifts
We recommend that more people use environmentally-friendly portable cutlery fork USB Drives because we want everyone to enjoy green life. At the same time, we provide other companies with more advertising gifts related to environmental protection portable tableware, helping companies to promote the brand and increase awareness in a green manner. A wooden fork U-disk with environmentally friendly portable tableware printed with a corporate logo is the best promotional gift.
Wood cutlery fork usb flash drives laser engraving logo
Thanks to CaraUSB's many years of production experience and professional service awareness, it supplies environmentally-friendly cutlery wooden forks usb pen drives, degradable tableware flash memory, chopsticks sets usb sticks, dishes plates usb disc, and more, so that more people pay attention to the global environment. This type of natural wooden fork Usb thumb drive uses wood as the shell material, and wood as a traditional material has been used by humans. The material of wood can always give people a nostalgic feeling. People always like to use wood to make a variety of crafts. Wooden gifts have a simple and natural aesthetic qualities. Wooden U-disk forks capture the characteristics of wood, fresh style, simple and unique shape. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351.
Wood fork Usb disk tableware series custom promotional objects

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