brown natural wood trunk shape handmade usb flash drive with bark

brown natural wood trunk shape handmade usb flash drive with bark
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wood tree bole shape usb flash drives 8Gb
Search trough usb flash picture above Google, the result is not much, this shows that trunk bark USB is new products. The brown wood USB flash drive with bark is unique in its design, made of recyclable wood. Can be monochrome silk screen logo or full-color printing logo or laser engraving text to decorate. You can store large-capacity wedding photos, ideal for wedding souvenirs to send a bride and groom and wedding witness guests, if you hold a wedding in the outdoors, these trunk ecologically personalized flash drive is the perfect realization of a romantic theme gift. This is why CaraUSB promotes trees trunk USB flash drives. Custom wooden tree trunk shape pen drives, in order to make your brand stand out, in the minds of customers inscribed different impressions. These trunk-shaped U-disk will be a good idea!
Trunk USB Drive upload Wedding Photos
The category of wood U disk includes many different styles of wooden flash drives, and many people's desire is to have a personalized and unique environmental gift. The trunk type brown USB flash drive with bark was born to cater to your environmental protection concept, electronic products USB flash drive will save your important documents, so please rest assured to buy our selection of products, cylindrical tress trunk Eco-friendly USB flash memory. Enjoy the wonderful thumb drive exterior design and the logo of a custom laser engraved jeep, made from natural wood. If you put your favorite songs on an USB drive and then plug it into your computer's USB port, all the melodious songs will be played and free distribution of promotional trees trunk-type USB flash drives to your potential customers.
Tree Trunk USB Flash Drive brown Promo items
The brown trunk shaped U-disk generally chooses a cylindrical trunk with straight branches, no vines. The inside of the huge trunk is empty. Hollowing out a hole to place the flash chip, it also comes with a cylindrical wooden hat. This is the most Beautiful tree trunk-type gifts, brown trunk U flash disc adopts environmentally-friendly wood waste, the shell of the tree trunk is very durable, the entire Usb flash memory looks more distinctive, easy to carry, extremely resistant to wear and prolong life. The very image-realistic tree trunk wood USB drive takes you back to the big forest. Whatsapp: +8615014148476 Wechat: may_yuan_china QQ: 1945727351

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